Top 6 Reasons that will Improve your Seller Ratings

How to Improve User Ratings on Seller Centre

According to an article in, 84 percent of people trust online reviews before making a purchase. Buyer reviews, likes and dislikes should be taken seriously and they should never go unattended. To ensure more and more positive feedbacks, you may adapt the underwritten habits.

1. Process orders instantly as you receive them

The criteria for fulfilling a successful sale starts with processing the order. After the order gets placed from the buyer’s end, your task is to process the order as quickly as possible and dispatch the product with an accurate delivery mechanism. It is easier to manage a single marketplace but things can get a bit different while selling on various marketplaces at the same time. Although, you can always take help from multichannel marketplace management software. With features like unified order management, channel wise order and sales trends & insights, sales overview and other operational attributes, multichannel sales can be a different game altogether. Start processing each order seamlessly and experience how positive reviews work your way.

2. Comply with every marketplace SLA

SLAs or Service Level Agreement is a contract that is agreed upon by both the parties (service provider and client). It contains all the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller that is understood and duly accepted. Usually most marketplace SLAs revolve around fulfilling the orders within a stipulated time period. Being transparent, honest and compliant towards the SLA represents your quality towards a fair business. It affects your overall impression by increasing your reliability among the buyers.

3. Respond to all customer concerns immediately

It takes a lot of effort to win a customer but not paying attention to a concern from them might cost you to lose them permanently. Always keep an attentive eye on any complaint raised by your buyers and respond to them immediately. Responsiveness is one of the behaviours that is often talked about on any circle. Remember the last time how you felt when your complaint was resolved spontaneously. It’s a similar experience that you should focus on providing your customers. After every such successful resolution, request your customers to leave feedback.

4. Take swift action on any negative feedback or review

If you do not take care of your customers, your competitors will surely do. A negative review can cost you hundreds of customers if not more. Many times, negative feedback might not be genuine, but the harm is done. So, before jumping into a conclusion, ask questions to the customers to understand the experience and the reasons for their criticism. Assess the problem, report an estimated time to resolve the issue and strictly adhere to it. The way you deal with negative feedback will win the customer’s heart and probably earn you more customers. Remember that an unhappy customer gives the best reviews, and an unhappy customer who is later satisfied with your fix is a live advertisement.

5. Keep product catalogs updated at all times

Detailed catalogue helps in keeping the buyer’s interest intact and keep them hovering around the marketplace to make a purchase decision. As an eCommerce merchant, you are much aware of the fact that it is difficult yet necessary to maintain the listing of the products (SKUs) simultaneously throughout multiple channels. To make your experience seamless, multiple market management software can handle this complicated task for you. So next time whenever there is a shortage of a product or time to list a new one on any of the marketplaces, you will be notified instantly. Ease of doing business is one of the biggest reasons for customer satisfaction which might lead to a positive review.

6. Reward loyal customers

A referral bonus, valuable purchase points or a discount for loyalty is the best way to show your gratitude towards a customer’s loyal behaviour. This sudden surprise is an excellent way for a successful marketing campaign. Do not forget to ask for feedback for their experience humbly.


If rightly asked, customers can provide genuine feedback. These feedbacks are an essential resource for improving the quality of the product or service offered. While a positive review can help you grow your business, a negative review when properly handled is an opportunity to win a loyal customer. In this era of intense competition in the Hong Kongan ecosystem, it is only wise that you make use of technology and let a multichannel marketplace selling software help you win the online selling battle.

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