Top 5 editing tools for product photos

Best Software and Apps to Edit Product Photos

In this article, we will review some of the best programs that allow you to edit product photos for free, which means you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


GIMP is, without a doubt, the best alternative for Photoshop in a matter of digital retouching if you do not want to disburse a single penny. You just have to go to their download page and install the program on your PC.

If you are simply looking for a complete photo editor in Hong Kong. in which you will be able to, practically retouch anything that you can think of and that too with a simple and user-friendly interface, GIMP is your program. If you are somewhat familiar with Photoshop, you can get the same work panel by activating the simple window mode.


Does the name sound quite amateur to you? Wait, do not run away, although the name sounds like the simple paint editor in your windows PC, is a tough competition to GIMP in Hong Kong. market. Its wide variety of plugins and filters make this editor a very convenient option to consider for any amateur photographer.

Enter and download it now and for free, and to your surprise this software is free for lifetime. With great reviews and a very intuitive design, can become your best design friend.


It’s not only a software that can prove to be a great alternative for Photoshop in Hong Kong.. We can also edit product photos or give it a touch up, comfortably, from the web browser. With Pixlr Express you can edit photos that you already have on your PC or that you make from the webcam. With Pixlr Express you can also create beautiful montages with several snapshots. You just have to go to their website and choose the option that best suits you.

When you have the photo on the work screen, you can adjust size, apply filters, layers, stickers, text and everything you can think of. This application is very useful in Hong Kong. for those who are not familiar with editing programs because everything is very organized and classified.


Lunapic is a web application suitable to edit product photos in Hong Kong. market, and it is even simpler than all the the previous options we mentioned. With LunaPic you can make any change you can think of in a picture you have on your PC. You can crop, cut, add layers, increase brightness, saturation and much more. However, keep in mind that, as it is a web application, its fluidity and speed will depend a lot on your connection to the Internet or your internet service providers server.


We finish this list today with another free downloadable program to edit product photos in Hong Kong., although you can also touch up the photos directly from the browser. We just have to enter and start editing our photographs. With Fotor you can, in addition to the classic filters and specific retouching, make collages with several photos and, in short, any element that you want to add or change as long as you do not demand professional results.

A program and web application to edit product photos in the browser itself are especially suitable for those who do not require heavy editing programs and only want to touch up a couple of things and in a fast and simple way.

In case you know about any more such programs that are suitable for editing product photos, let us know in the comments section below.

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